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Cosmetic surgical procedure is done by our cosmetic plastic surgeons

Our cosmetic plastic surgical procedures accurate any of your body malformations to give a more natural look while refining the function. Most of the cosmetic surgical procedures involve hair transplantation, micro-hair transplantation, skin marks, pregnancy marks, facial implants, body contouring, chin augmentation and face-lift. Hair relocation is prevalently done for men and especially for women who are pretentious by hair loss. Most hair loss occurs for hereditary details. Micro-hair transfer has substituted bigger grafts of hair. Patients may require several sessions to achieve desired results. After six weeks the transplanted hair will fall out and be replaced about three months later when the new hair appears. Any sicknesses associated to your face are familiar by our craniofacial surgeon.

Our aesthetic surgeon, craniofacial surgeons and cosmetic plastic surgeon works as a team to cure all your body as well as skin related issues. Fat inoculation also called fat splicing, and has extensive applications in cosmetic plastic surgery. The patient's own fat is collected from one part of the body and vaccinated into body parts requiring volume improvement. The consequences are normally safe and long durable. Patients are usually more pleased with this procedure for the reason that often two birds are slew with one stone fat is detached from a part of the body that needs fat decrease, and then extra to another part that requires more volume. Intermittently the cosmetic plastic surgical process needs to be repeated several times for best fallouts for patients.